Care at Brídhaven

We provide excellent nursing care in our purpose built facilities.

Partnership Approach

Care in Brídhaven will be delivered on a partnership basis where the team at Brídhaven, families and healthcare experts collaborate to provide the very best for our residents.

Brídhaven is a modern facility where you can be confident that our residents happiness and well being is our focus every day.  We know it’s often the little things that mean a lot.  Our highly experienced team will care for our residents to the highest standards and we will take the time to get to know and understand exactly how they like things to be.

Respite Care

Caregivers at home provide wonderful support but from time to time everyone needs a break. Allowing yourself this support can improve your ability to help the person you are caring for live at home for longer. We also provide care for those in need of convalescence to recover from surgery or illness.

Infection Control

Our priority at Brídhaven is to ensure the safety of our residents and the people delivering their care. Robust infection control has been at the centre of healthcare for many decades.

We ensure that all of our team are well trained in infection prevention and control measures.  This training will be provided on a continuous basis so that you can be confident that the team are up to date on the latest infection control and prevention measures.

Surplus PPE will be maintained should it be required in the future and our team wear PPE as appropriate. We have meticulous housekeeping cleaning procedures in place including all of our rooms being cleaned twice daily. We have hand hygiene pumps dotted throughout the building.