Care at Brídhaven

We provide excellent nursing care in our purpose built facilities.

Partnership Approach

Care in Brídhaven will be delivered on a partnership basis where the team at Brídhaven, families and healthcare experts collaborate to provide the very best for our residents.

Brídhaven is a modern facility where you can be confident that our residents happiness and well being is our focus every day.  We know it’s often the little things that mean a lot.  Our highly experienced team will care for our residents to the highest standards and we will take the time to get to know and understand exactly how they like things to be.

Respite Care

Caregivers at home provide wonderful support but from time to time everyone needs a break. Allowing yourself this support can improve your ability to help the person you are caring for live at home for longer. We also provide care for those in need of convalescence to recover from surgery or illness.

Infection Control

Our priority at Brídhaven is to ensure the safety of our residents and the people delivering their care. Robust infection control has been at the centre of healthcare for many decades.

We ensure that all of our team are well trained in infection prevention and control measures.  This training will be provided on a continuous basis so that you can be confident that the team are up to date on the latest infection control and prevention measures.

Surplus PPE will be maintained should it be required in the future and our team wear PPE as appropriate. We have meticulous housekeeping cleaning procedures in place including all of our rooms being cleaned twice daily. We have hand hygiene pumps dotted throughout the building.

Key Brídhaven Staff


Gráinne O’Brien

Resident & Family Liaison Manager
Meet Gráinne

My role is to support residents and their loved ones by sharing the journey of moving from home to Brídhaven, whether that be for a period of respite or for longer term care, and supporting you in the process.

I am an Older Persons Clinical Nurse Specialist and my master’s degree thesis explored the needs of caregivers of people with dementia.

I have previously worked with the HSE and was awarded regional winner South by the Irish Institute of Community Health Nurses in 2016.

I recognise that moving into a nursing home is a significant milestone in ones’ life and, as such, I would be delighted for you to contact me directly by telephone 086 103 0863 or by e-mail


Joan Lowney

Director of Nursing
Meet Joan

My role as Director of Nursing & Person in Charge is very meaningful to me. My primary goal is to empower residents—to enable them to make choices and decisions in a supportive and nurturing environment, helping them feel part of their community, and having an excellent quality of life.

I have more than 20 years’ experience in aged care and retirement living, holding senior leadership roles in aged care facility management, commissioning roles, along with change management projects from refurbishments to implementing new models of care. 

I am a registered nurse with a post registration qualification in leadership, HR management and change management. Most importantly I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, not only for our residents but for those who care for them.


Anita Treacy

Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Meet Anita

It is a great pleasure to be part of the Brídhaven team with their exciting new vision whereby the importance of the spiritual care is valued, respected and nurtured. This embraces providing support for our residents, their loved ones, and staff, of all faiths and none. There has never been a time when this support was more necessary. With COVID 19, restorative care is needed in all areas of society but most especially within the Nursing Homes of Ireland, particularly impacted in the most serious and traumatic of ways.

I am very skilled and have years of experience in delivering Meditation /Mindfulness group, practicing in a variety of settings. I also offer mindfulness /prayer sessions e.g. Rosary to small groups of residents and their loved ones. I also deliver spiritual care in informal way such as through joining activities/outings, art, music, gardening, nature etc.


Celine O’Shea

Social Care Manager
Meet Celine

My role is to support residents’ social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. My team and I strive to provide a varied individual and group person centered activities plan.

I have an honours degree in Social Care with my final year thesis focusing on ‘meaningful and purposeful engagements in residential care’. I am also passionate about providing the best care to people living with dementia and have completed a postgraduate in Dementia and Dementia care.

The Social Care team work to  ensure that each resident’s identity is embraced by supporting the resident in maintaining the relationships and interests in their lives that are most important to them


Aurimas Bliuvas

Head Chef
Meet Aurimas

From infancy, food and dining experiences are at the core of a rich set of fundamental sensory and emotional memories about our world (Ronch, 2009)

We appreciate that mealtimes are often the highlight of our day. Don’t we often celebrate memorable occasions with a meal?

As well as creating truly delicious dishes, we fully understand the social significance of the dining experience for our residents and we take the greatest pride in ensuring the very best. I, personally, am driven by a passion for fresh and healthy food, preferring seasonal and local produce.

I have vast culinary experience and this includes a Head Chef position in a prestigious 4 star hotel.  I have brought the same high standards and style of food to our home here in Brídhaven and I feel privileged to able to enhance the day for  our residents.

I am committed to ensuring a varied and nutritious menu, made with the very best ingredients.